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George's chatbox mod app

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George's chatbox mod app

Post by George on Mon May 23, 2011 10:00 am

1.How many hours are you on chat a day?
Well, I believe i'm on more than any other person. it can be 2 hours, sometimes im tired and am on 8. but im on chat very frequently, and feel i deserve this job.
2.Are you a moderator currently?
3.How many times have you been banned from the chat-box?
4.Why do you want to be a chatbox mod?
i've always wanted this job very badly. you see, when i see spam it makes me angry that i cant do anything about it. there are a limited number of jobs, so i will do as good as i can to keep it.
5.Will you uphold your responsibility, understanding that breaking the rules may result in removal from this usergroup?
yes i will, any irresponsibility and you can take me out.

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