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Gaming app by diggy

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Gaming app by diggy

Post by Diggy on Sat Jun 18, 2011 8:27 pm

Ok so there is no official gaming mod application I will Make one for myself but its legitimate.

1) What is you name?
Diggygoglol (Diggy)
2) How long have you been on this forum?
I have been here for about 6 or 7 months
3) Define Spamming.
Spamming is repetitive use of words, Phrases, single letters, numbers, Symbols, or unnecessary post.
4) Describe why you would like to become a Gaming Moderator.
I have My own site that I watch the gaming section very well as well as an admin on "The outkast Forum" and I was Gaming mod on Hissing worms, Ran my Necko or Killerman99, for around 5 months until the staff reset. Also I was Gaming mod for a week and a half on here until the reset.
5) Do you submit to yourself to all the rules and understand that Breaking the rules will cost you your position as gaming mod?
Diggy power!

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