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The story game revived (Condensed version)

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The story game revived (Condensed version)

Post by Soylent Blue on Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:38 pm

Today I am high on chips and sour cream. I will call on Cthulhu and will take all chips on Earth and give them Without hesitation to my mother. Problem? Then she will Use them to Make me a... Sammich. So I threw a loofa to save the milk that fell in Chucks disgusting toob of smelly prostitutes. Unfortunately the man lied about the 'sugar' bag and started to walk to the supermarket to steal some money from the hobo on Wal-mart's billboard. All his friends ate medieval poptarts because they were dangerous. Plus they had a giant spoon that defied my freakin unbelievably sized Goat. But suddenly another giant spoon with his side-kick, the old age NAT, Who was drunk and disorderly and driving a orange monster truck through the desert. The FBI were after my goat because it ate I like cheese(app member), the son of Ninja and Socky; But Nyanquaza is in love with someone epic. Now epic guy is somewhere. I bought him a present. Then I went to his house, but no one was there except a wild Pikachu! A.K.A: Epic person. Except it wasn't. Until he showed his transforming skills and became Rayquaza. But then lightning struck his ass and it turned in to solid lemon meringue pie, with a sprig of leek from Mordor where hobbits are eaten for special powers and sporks of doom. Hobbits taste best when dipped in hot sausage coffee flavored dressing. The Big Bad Wolf ate the universe but then, suddenly a very big Potato chip appeared. It then ate A fat kid Who was really Batman in a Snorlax outfit he got off e-bay. The world then turned into Nyancat and flew away before turning back into a banana and hiding in the milky way, also known as, "neva gona give you up...FUUUUUUUUUUU," and poofed around revealing Rick Astley singing neva gonna give you up neva gonna let, then someone chainbroke and died horribly, but then they fell into the Pit of Doom with extra gloom, and evil broom. Suddenly a boom made pies explode, and it rained molten hot lava onto a giant that was named Billy the Ape. He died but some say you are going to bring him back from the afterlife. But that is extremely difficult when giant turtles are killing people and destroying the capitol, while eating a tub of chipmunks. But then, suddenly Billy the Ape escaped from his cage and kidnapped a fat unloved Twilight fan girl and started to make her watch Harry Potter, she didn't understand why Harry Potter was not a sparkling homosexual ass clown. Overcome by awesomeness She transformed into... Robo Jesus 3000, The latest in christian technology. Then in the night, Mr. Robo Jesus ate a kitten and turned a light switch on to see the horrors within the Rebecca Black CD. Robo Jesus then became blind and tripped over a ton of acid. He then suddenly started to think about how to divide by zero. Then he died. But his son makes his father Watch "2girls1cup" with his sandpaper, and his fat grandma, and a tribe of indians that eat Mexican babies with sour cream on their heads.

The End.

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[20:41:18] @ mortified_penguin : no

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[20:41:20] Soylent Blue : screw you!

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Soylent Blue
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Re: The story game revived (Condensed version)

Post by NAT on Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:53 pm

*Sigh* We should do this more often for how epic this story was!
NAT ︻デ═一 Sanity

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Re: The story game revived (Condensed version)

Post by Acheaopterix on Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:26 am

i like how our first and last sentences both contain the phrase sour cream
Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds
Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

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Re: The story game revived (Condensed version)

Post by BMTH on Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:41 pm

It's a good story... easy to follow.

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Re: The story game revived (Condensed version)

Post by Haxorus on Sat Sep 24, 2011 2:20 pm

It's pretty obvious where Nyan contributed.
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Re: The story game revived (Condensed version)

Post by Sponsored content

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