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New rules

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New rules

Post by Acheaopterix on Sun May 22, 2011 9:25 pm

These are my temporary rules that will be enforce until penguin is admin again, btw, if you are reading this and are incredibly confused go here:

1. No pornography. This includes links and images depicting pornography, breaking this rule will result in a permanent ban

2. No spam or trolling. Spam is a pointless post, bumbing is also considered spam if the topic is more than 2 weeks old

3. No warez. Nothing illegal.

4. Please don't ask to be mod or admin.

5. No offensive content. Eg. Sexism, Racism, Religious intolerance. This has almost got us shut down before. *Note: A quick joke about a religion will be tolerated.

6. No advertisements. Three strikes and you're out. This includes other forums even if you do not run them

7. No flaming. I.e no repeated insulting of another member

8. All fights must be taken to the Fight Arena. Nuff said.

9. DO NOT POST IN THE APPLICATIONS UNLESS YOU ARE APPLYING FOR SOMETHING. This includes mods who do not have the ability to accept the application

10. Do not ban evade. This is when you create/use another account to remain on the forum. I will only ip ban you for a month, and that will be that.

11. Do not try to worm your way around the rules. This isn't a court, this is a forum. You know what the rules mean, and they will be enforced. If you don't, or have a question, contact me or any other mod/admiin.

In addition the follwing rules have been removed and will no longer be penilised:

2. No drama. Save it for your friends, we don't really want a crying dude on the forums. That's just weird. *Exception: Private gender forums.

5. No explicit sexual talk. There are minors here. (although try to avoid it turning into spam)

Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds
Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds

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